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DMS locker systeem

Management Software & Ledenadministratie Systeem

DMS Solutions ® presents with her ‘new and improved’  DMS version 3.0 also the fully automated locker system

The DMS locker system operates, such as each DMS mode, directly from your database and is the newest feature in the DMS software. Means that you have full control over the use of the lockers. Who has which locker how long in his/her possession? Tracking the user is a piece of cake.

After recognition, the system asks for your preferences and points to the selected locker.

The fully automated locker system works, like all the access control systems in DMS, using finger scanning technology, personal cards, wristbands etc. No hassle with pocket change, bent-, broken- or lost keys, forgotten cards and more.

The University of Amsterdam is a very satisfied user of the DMS locker system.