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Swimming pools

Management Software & Ledenadministratie Systeem

For swimming pools and swimming lessons, it is important to know where the student is in his learning curve. To tracking this, you need a student tracking system where you can follow the developments of the pupil closely. In this manner you can divide your attention during the courses, so those who really need the attention gets the support that he/she needs to grow better.

Besides You will also need an effective tool to sell a ticket. Whether the visitor now has a membership card, a day pass or a class card, swimming pools must be flexible and able to manage accurate the access to their facilities. Besides tangible membership cards, rides tickets and/or strip tickets whitin DMS DMS Solutions® you have also the possibility to control your access by fingerscan. The by DMS automated lockers makes the professional process complete and gives you all the tools to manage your pool optimally.

The sports accommodation management software system of DMS Solutions® provides enterprise-wide functionalities to control the daily processes optimally so you can focus on customer service.


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