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Holiday resort

Management Software & Ledenadministratie Systeem

All-inclusive packages are becoming more popular the last few years. This formula means tranquility and convenience for the customer. Having regard to the busy schedule during the working week many customers appreciate it if everything is settled for them during the holidays. A wide range of facilities and activities does your customer decide to spend the holiday in your resort.

In order to create a wonderful experience for the customer, it is necessary that the business behind the scenes is perfectly organized.

From the planning of activities up to purchasing products on credit basis, the customer wants to enjoy a holiday without having to wait for a reservation or worrying about cash money. The sports management- and membership software from DMS Solutions® helps you to sell smooth and seamless customer experience.


The DMS Solutions® WEB APP for the holiday resorts is online. Click on the WEB APP image to go directly to the DMS APP. Login via your Facebook/Google account, subscribe and disvover DMS Solutions® WEB APP. See the benefits and opportunities for your business and take a look at the website through the eyes of your fictitious customer!