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Why DMS Solutions?

Management Software & Ledenadministratie Systeem

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DMS Solutions®
Unique sports facility management software / membership management system.
User-friendly, complete and reliable. An indispensable link in your organization!


Some characteristics of DMS Solutions®  that allows you to achieve your advantage as a company:



  • The perfect system to manage your staff, your customers, the communication and your finances
  • The best system to upgrade your sales and retention
  • DMS Solutions® combines operational and business strategies
  • High user-friendly software with assured stability
  • Specializing in larger international chains, the multifunctional centers for specific
    physio fitness centers are also great for some smaller size clubs
  • Matched to the user; multilingual
  • Real-time online KPI (Key Performance Indicators) dashboard
  • Infinite number of possible users
  • Low investment, possibility of monthly lease / rent
  • Database independent
  • Extensive management reports capabilities
  • Ability to implement your sales strategy
  • External databases easy to integrate / connect
  • The user-oriented language users, configuration and authorizations
  • First ESCROW certified management solution for the leisure industry
  • Support global business processes
  • Easy to use