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Management Software & Ledenadministratie Systeem

DMS Solutions ® is the enterprise management software solution for the Sport & Leisure industry developed by Delcom International bv

Jan en Marie-Anne

Delcom , Duijnhouwer Electronics Computers, was founded on March 15, 1987 by Jan Duijnhouwer and Marie–Anne van Laak . The at that time Delcom company: “At your service ” , focused mainly on the service and maintenance of gambling machines . Later the company was responsible for the installation and maintenance of fitness equipment supplied by Technogym , as well as providing business advice and developing / providing measurement and access control systems throughout the Benelux .

Since Delcom Interntional bv has been able to closely follow the development within the fitness industry the management, as a service provider, provided the need for a good and professional access control system. This finding made the company decide to develop. their own access control and management system. The development of the Delcom Management System (DMS), was launched in January 2002. The now 11 years of dedicated investment has ultimately resulted in a management system with unmatched performance and capability: the complete, reliable and very easy to use management software for the Sport and Leisure industry and (international) schools / universities:  DMS Solutions®

Characteristic, for both the process of  Delcom as her DMS Solutions® are:

  •          Complete
  •          Reliable
  •          Easy to use
  •          Database independence
  •          International
  •          Multilingual